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Human Resource

In 1955 we started business by selling our benches, figs, today, more than 40 kinds of products with the production and sales are continuing.

Until 1975 of around Aziziye Mosque with retail sales of nuts and dairy products, our ongoing commercial life in 1975 for wholesalers and wholesale produce market in the Nuts was a new dimension. Here was the first years and years Ayçekirdek and Chickpea production progresses has been switched to the production of other kinds of nuts.

Today at the point reached; 4200 m² covered, 9000 m² in our factory today's most technologically elimination, roasting and packaging of over 40 systems and over 200 varieties of our products, our daily production capacity of 20 tons of our activities are continuing.

35 years of experience with technology integrated in our company do not change our fundamental values kalitedir.Müşteri hygiene and keep the satisfaction with the understanding, without compromising quality, continuous food for the control engineer to produce the healthiest products are in pursuit.

Raw material at the entrance, feeling the weight of responsibility on us as we receive, we will train all our staff with this awareness, the same responsibilities with the understanding and reaching our customers we will produce. We are very happy with most things, when people taste our products in their faces which smile.

Which has a serious marketing and distribution network in our organization all of our team goal; Almighty created people be happy for them created these delicious products to meet with you.

Our biggest goal to please you.